THE FOGATA has shown that eating good meat, well done, need not be just for a few, you can taste a wide variety of cuts and meats, at a reasonable price..

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The concept of "Brazilian swords". This kitchen was born in southern Brazil, almost on the border with Argentina, and has its origins in the Pampas, thanks to the need of the habitants of that region, who saw the need to cook meat cuts embedded in stakes you were introduced into wells with firewood; beef, pork and chicken were the most frequent types of meat.

Nowadays, Brazilian swords have become a gastronomic concept that is especially sought for meat lovers. This concept still retains its originality, which has replaced the stakes by swords, where the cut is inserted and starts simmered in brown coal. The most common meats that can be found are the beef, chicken and pork, this, in different combinations and marinades, it goes from a good and juicy flank steak, to a chicken, chorizo and cuts that are rare in our cuisine, such as the humped bull. 

What Our Customers Say

One of the best local restaurants I've been to here in my part of Manassas. The food was cooked to perfection. The staff was was extremely friendly and on point with their service. The owner was very personable. Overall I would say that they nailed it. I would highly recommend this place to anyone looking for great local dining experience.

- Paul Merkle

"The food and the service of this restaurant was absolutely fantastic!"

"Their salad bar has a massive selection of options, more than just a salad bar."

- Maximilian Pho

This is one of my favorite Restaurants in DC. The service is great and very efficient the Meat is delicious and the cuts are the best, salad bar fresh and complete and the bar with its drinks are sublime.

- Carlos Martinez

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